Our new album is OUT !!!


We have a brand new album out which is a collection of remixes from some of our favorite producer collegues around the globe (plus one new song from us). It is called “Themes From Tomorrowland” and is out as a limited white double-vinyl 2LP and digital download on Switchstance Recordings.

Contributing remix artists for this album are Nickodemus, Diesler, Cayetano, Hugo Kant, Maker, Protassov, FLeCK, Dday One, Azaxx, JK Soul, Razoof, Asphate & DJ TouchNice (Maxilla Blue) and Kill Emil. They did some awesome reinterpretations of our songs with The Pharcyde, Raashan Ahmad, Bajka, Azeem, Entropik and our instrumental tracks. Check it out yourself:

Click the “buy” button in the player if you want to buy the vinyl or the downloads.

Spread love & good music!


New single out TODAY



our new album THEMES FROM TOMORROWLAND will be out on the 30th of October, but before we´re gonna hit you with some heavy Reggae dubs. We remixed our song ALL OF THE THINGS YOU feat. TIPPA IRIE and gave it some extra funked up dubby twist,  some deep bassy Dancehall groove and some flying breaks Jungle style. And on top an extra melodica loaded Dub version.

You can listen and buy it here:

new FREE music


We had a deep look into our dj crates again and found this tune called “DONE”. This is not what you would usually expect from us but still Ancient Astronauts all the way through. In the past years we tested this tune on our national and international gigs and it worked out fine. It just doesn´t fit into your usual Hip Hop, Reggae or Funk sets. This one is more for the heavy rough kinda Moombahton or Breakbeat sets. But still it gives you some Dancehall vibes too. We hope you feel it !!!

FREE download from Kabanjak


You like Reggae music like we do? Think it´s timeless music? Then this post is something for you.

Kabanjak just rediscovered some old archives in his Evergreen Studio and found a lot of old and never released music. That gave us the idea to start a LOST & FOUND series on Switchstance Recordings, giving some of these old songs away as a FREE download.

This week we will start with a FREE download of this heavy Reggae tune “Seek Jah feat. Mango Juice” by Kabanjak. Feel free to pass this around to your friends and family.

One Love

Hip Hop and Poetry in a Crazy World


Good day world, our soul brother, the unique poet AZEEM is back with a new short movie. After GOD´S ROLEX him and production entity CEDAR Image (Original Content NYC) will soon release POSTERA. A movie about Hip Hop and Poetry in a crazy world. A world with systems that lie to their citizens and make victims out of the innocent. The trailer and movie contains music from our new project BAND OF BROKEN PUPPETS that we worked on with AZEEM for the last 2 years.


+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ STAY STRONG !!!

Beastie Boys meet David Axelrod


Some years ago we released a couple of mashup vinyl 12inches on Foot Forward Music under the moniker The Beatstalkers. These dancefloor friendly tunes mixed solid Hip Hop with Funk and Reggae. The “Pyramid Funk & Dynamite Reggae” series Vol. 1 and 2 sold out within weeks and the third vinyl in that series was our “Modern Stalking EP” which included 3 heavy tunes.

Do the names Beastie Boys, David Axelrod or Large Pro (of legendary Hip Hop crew Main Source) ring a bell for you? But you still haven´t heard about that release? Well, here´s your chance. You can get the last available vinyl copies (including digital download) or just the digital download in the Switchstance Recordings Bandcamp store: