Related Projects

Besides Ancient Astronauts we also have this sideprojects:


Kabanjak (by Rachel Yo)


Kabanjak is one half of the block-rockin’ German hip-hop production and DJ duo Ancient Astronauts, and ESL Music’s newest unique artist signing.  With a deep passion for music dating back to a childhood fixated on watching faded footage of Jimi Hendrix performing guitar pyrotechnics, Kabanjak has spent decades honing his skills as a musician, producer, remixer, and DJ.  Now he is ready to present his own musical vision with his debut solo album Tree of Mystery!

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Deela by Tobias Freytag


Deela has been one of the more productive brainchildren of Ingo Moell for about a decade now. A musician to the core, Moell works from his own studio located in the mellow heart of the lower Rhine area of Germany. But Deela is not an aseptic studio effort: As in most of his other projects – Moell also works under the Kabanjak moniker and is one half of the recently ESL Music-signed duo Ancient Astronauts – he works with a multitude of instruments and musicians for a distinct live feel that gets refined with modern studio trickery.

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The Beatstalkers

The Beatstalkers

The Beatstalkers

The Beatstalkers is our alias that we use for sample-heavy Mash Ups that aim directly at the dancefloor. We fuse some of our favorite Reggae, Hip Hop and Funk gems together and give them their own Ancient Astronauts twist. This tunes are limited vinyl releases on Foot Forward Music.

Switchstance Recordings


“Switchstance Recordings is the foundation for all our music for almost 10 years now. I’ve started the label in order to release all the music we’re doing! It’s a real family thing with an artistic vision that we like to share with the world” – Dogu (Ancient Astronauts)

The label’s creed and therefore the style of its producers and DJs is to have ultimate freedom, whether in their musical movements or in “switching” between various styles. The aim of the label is to combine early musical influences such as Funk, Jazz, Latin, 90´s Hip Hop and Reggae with the most progressive techniques of electronic music production in order to create a new dynamic sound that pays respect to the diverse cultures it comes from. It is the soundtrack of the lives of artists that dedicate their time and energy to produce cutting-edge grooves for a conscious and openminded generation.

2 thoughts on “Related Projects

  1. whats up with broken puppets?! I haven’t heard any update about y’alls collab with Azeem in awhile….Love the demos.

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