Moon People Remix

hey earthlings,

ever been to the moon? or do you just like to see a full moon at night and dance in the moonshine? well then we have something for ya. we did a remix for our long time friend and ESL Music collegue Nickodemus and his Wonderwheel Recordings label. it´s for the title track from his latest album “Moon People” featuring The Real Live Show & Kathrin deBoer from Tru Thoughts Recordings artists Belleruche:


LIVE dj & vj set from Switzerland

hey sisters & brothers,

come and join us tonight when we stream a LIVE dj & vj set with Uli Sigg from Schlosskeller Club in Frauenfeld / Switzerland. last time was pure fun. the weather is great, people are relaxed and we see a lot of smiling faces on the street. spring time feels great and so will the party tonight. we will start the stream at 10pm CET.


Please act for natural seeds !!

Good day everyone,

this time we post about a very serious topic that is so important for everybody´s future. Supersized mega corporation Monsanto and it´s partners want to control the global food supply. This sounds more like a bad science fiction movie, but it actually is the harsh reality this world is facing. Seems like the politicians that should represent the people prefer to follow evil money-hungry lobbyism than act for the healthy food supply of this world´s population. The “best politicians money can buy” comes to one´s mind.

Really, this cannot be tolerated or passively watched. We ALL have to act against this. Don´t you think?

If you can, please support this campaign by the good people of

Thanks a lot for your time! Our future generations will be thankful for your support.

Peace & Love


Break My Heart In 2

hey fam,

we have a brand new FREE download for you. our song “Break My Heart In 2” might be familiar to some of you guys from our dj sets and we thought it is time to share it with the world. this is just 5 days online and already gained more than 48.000 plays. and still rising. so enjoy some Heart Beats and be good 🙂