ZIK ZAK is coming!

It´s been more than 3 years that we are working on our upcoming ZIK ZAK album. A whole album that is dedicated to young and fresh talent from all over Africa.

Africa is the birth place of civilisation and rhythm and the music from the black continent has always had a huge impact on us and our music. It was more than time to put the spotlight on the black continent. Hip Hop and Reggae are the 2 music styles in Africa that have the most impact on the streets and there is so much unknown talent out there. Conscious Hip Hop and Rasta Reggae is what we love, and exactly that´s what we will present on the ZIK ZAK album.

The first single will be released on the 2nd of October. It is called “Ziinga Zanram” and it features the rapper Art Melody from Burkina Faso. The song is all about self-consciousness and the goals that you want to achieve in life. Watch out fi dis!