Photoshop Reality feat. BANTU

Our new single “Photoshop Reality” featuring BANTU from Lagos / Nigeria is out today!

Ade Bantu, the band´s leader, delivers some razor sharp socio-critical raps adressing the fake perfection a lot of people present on their social media profiles.

To check it out click the cover art below:


Earth people,

our brand new single “Tebamanyi” featuring Ugandan singer MoRoots is OUT TODAY !!

We are so happy to be able to work with such a talented singer on our new single. This is also one of the songs from our upcoming ZIK ZAK album. What it is? It is a sort of heavy Afro Neo Soul. That´s how we would describe it. You will feel the Hip Hop and the Jazz in it as well.

Have a listen:

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