Our new album is OUT !!!

We have a brand new album out which is a collection of remixes from some of our favorite producer collegues around the globe (plus one new song from us). It is called “Themes From Tomorrowland” and is out as a limited white double-vinyl 2LP and digital download on Switchstance Recordings.

Contributing remix artists for this album are Nickodemus, Diesler, Cayetano, Hugo Kant, Maker, Protassov, FLeCK, Dday One, Azaxx, JK Soul, Razoof, Asphate & DJ TouchNice (Maxilla Blue) and Kill Emil. They did some awesome reinterpretations of our songs with The Pharcyde, Raashan Ahmad, Bajka, Azeem, Entropik and our instrumental tracks. Check it out yourself:

Click the “buy” button in the player if you want to buy the vinyl or the downloads.

Spread love & good music!