More Mysteries

Check this dj mix by Kabanjak giving you some Downtempo dopeness with grooves that are so deep and heavy your speakers gonna sound new again. This is so anti pop that it feels like fresh air. Ya thought Hip Hop was dead? Hip Hop was always there, but these days of internet overflow make it harder and harder to find the good stuff. The real quality stuff. This mix has that feel of early 2000 Ninja Tune instrumental grooves with heavy head nod beats. Timeless? Hellyeah !!

FREE download – We Are To Answer

Dear fellow Beatheadz,

in our archives we re-discovered an older song that was meant to be the title track of our debut album “We Are To Answer” on ESL Music. But as much as we loved this tune we had too many to choose from so at the end this song didn´t make the final track list. A lot has happened between then and now and somehow the song “We Are To Answer” got lost in the depth of Kabanjak´s Evergreen Studio. As the years went by this song was sleeping hidden between different sound ideas and songs. But some weeks ago we found it again and were stoked to hear what we forgot about over the past years. “We Are To Answer” has that unique feeling of our debut album. It is a timeless piece where a beautiful melody unites with a dope beat and a warm bass. That´s why it was obvious to share this with you, our followers and supporters. Place yourself comfortably, turn your sound system up loud and enjoy this piece of music. And yes, it is totally FREE. So feel free to share this  with your family, friends, colleagues and sound enthusiasts: