Nyabingi Resurrection – The Movie

Today was the world premiere of a movie documentation on REGGAEVILLE about Nilotika Cultural Ensemble from Uganda. The debut album “Nyabingi Resurrection” was mixed by Kabanjak and the music of the band follows the ancient tradition of the Nyabingi movement in East Africa. The movie documentation gives background information to the music of Nilotika Cultural Ensemble and the culture behind it.

This is a piece of important history about East African resistance to colonialism and the influence of the Nyabingi movement on the Rastafari movement on Jamaica.

To watch the movie click the photo of the Nilotika band above or click the button below:

New Reggae playlist on Spotify


we are big fans of original Roots Reggae, Rockers Reggae and Dub. Guess you knew that already 🙂

Anyway, here is a brand new Reggae playlist we put together on Spotify. Have a listen and give it a like in case you feel the music.

Reggae heals the world!


Here is the full 2 hour live recording of SWITCHSTANCE RADIO featuring new tunes by Aesop Rock & The Real Blockhead, Milton Gulli, Protassov, K.O.G & The Zongo Brigade, Laurent Bardainne & Tigre d’Eau Douce, Kutiman & Mejja, Kava Jah & Drecko Helpa Chikicha, El Michels Affair & Bobby Oroza, Dj Shiru, Jamal Waswa & Djking Shango, Silas Short, DJ Vаdim & Jaydene & Keya Nemesis, Juanita Euka, Bagunço, Little Simz, Koma Saxo and more.