ZIK ZAK is out TODAY !!

Yes yes yes, we can finally announce that our album ZIK ZAK has been released today. We have worked on this album for more than 3 years and we managed to gather together 21 fresh and upcoming African talents from 9 different African countries. It´s been hard work but no work is too hard if you can work with such a cast of talents. For us this has been our most beautiful sound excursion in our 20 years long career and we are happy to be able to present some raw talent from Mama Africa to you.

To stream or download the album just click on the cover art below:

“Ghetto Youth” video with subtitles

We have put subtitles under the video of “Ghetto Youth Never Give Up feat. C Wyne Nalukalala” by Ancient Astronauts for all those not speaking Luganda. And that definately includes us 🙂

This song has such a strong message for all children living in ghettos worldwide. It´s about positivity and self-awareness. It is exactly as legendary lyricist Rakim once rhymed in the song “The Ghetto” (Eric B & Rakim):

“Cause it ain’t where you’re from, it’s where you’re at.”

One Love

ZIK ZAK Pre-Order

The Pre-Order for our new album is up on Bandcamp now. If you pre-order the album (official release on January 22nd) then you will directly receive a download of 5 album songs and will get an automated email when the album is released on the 22nd: