Global Etnies Artists

Brothers & Sisters,

sorry for the lack of communication from our side. The last months were really hectic for us. We had to finish remixes for See-I (Fort Knox Recordings) and Subatomic Sound System feat. Anthony B, moved our Switchstance office to Cologne, did some touring in Croatia and Greece plus our party events Family Affairs and Trix & Flix were happening in Cologne.

Summer is definitely over in Germany and we are heading towards the more grey and rainy time of the year. So what? Sunshine is always in our hearts and we´ve got some heat for you coming up soon. We recently released the “Best of Switchstance: A Decade of Dope Beats” – label compilation on Switchstance Recordings which highlights the best tunes from the past 10 years of Switchstance. Yes people, 10 years of Switchstance Recordings is what we are celebrating. We already had the release of our “Best of Ancient Astronauts” – album and last friday saw the release of the “Best of Protassov” – album. Those of you who know our label for a while now are aware of Protassov´s beat and groove skills. This brother was always a big influence for us and we are happy to celebrate 10 years of Switchstance with him.

And speaking of celebration, we are really proud to be part of the global Etnies family and were just announced as global Etnies artists:

so to celebrate 25 years of ETNIES and 10 years of Switchstance we put together a FREE compilation with music by Ancient Astronauts, Protassov, Deela, Kabanjak, Aeronautix, Raashan Ahmad and Azeem. If you feel this compilation then please feel free to share this with all your friends and loved ones. It is FREE for every positive soul on this planet:

So what´s next from us? In early 2012 we will a remix album on ESL Music with remixes by Subatomic Sound System, Maker, DJ Brace, J-Boogie, Deela, Second Sky & Thomas Blondet, Timewarp Inc and us. Definitely some dancefloor heat on this one to keep you cozy and warm during the cold days.

We also finished remixing tracks from Kabanjak´s “Tree Of Mystery” album and did some heavy Dub remixes of “Rhythm (feat. Azeem)” and “I Don´t Want To Work Today” which will be out on ESL Music in early 2012 as well.

This is it for now. We hope you all had a great summer and are prepared for the club season again. We will keep you updated on all things Ancient Astronauts and Switchstance Recordings.

Peace & Love,

Ancient Astronauts