Happy Birthday Bob Marley!


Robert Nesta Marley will never be forgotten. His messages, poetry, voice and music is timeless as timeless can be.

One Love

dope video from DJ Brace


hey fellas,

our good friend and collegue DJ Brace from Canada just released a new video for his latest album “Synesthasia”. watch it and see him do some musical magic on the wheels of steel:

big up,

Ancient Astronauts

2012 Update


hey fellas,

happy new year to everyone!!! we hope you had a great start into 2012.

it´s been a while since our last blog post. lots of things to take care of with the new office in cologne, Kabanjak moving into a new house and studio and Dogu having a knee operation shortly after our Switchstance Recordings Xmas party. but here we are back again.

2012 will be a positive year. we can feel it. there´s gonna be a lot of changes in the world. political regimes will change, internet will see a new law system as it looks like, governments won´t stop lying to their people, occupy wall street will continue their quest justice, and so much more. things have to change and we believe that there´s gonna be a lot of positive changes. so let´s all stay positive and passionate about what we do and happy about what we have. spread love!

in march we will release a remix album called “The Orion Nebula Remixes” on ESL Music with heavy remixes by Maker, Subatomic Sound System, Kabanjak, Deela, J-Boogie, DJ Brace, Second Sky & Thomas Blondet and more. we contacted some of our favorite producer friends in the world of music and the result is really dope. we will keep you updated on the exact release details.

and by the end of new year we will release our third Ancient Astronauts album. no further news on this yet but you can expect more future reggae, funk and hip hop from us. we are really looking forward to this and we have a good plan.

so before we leave you  we want to share our new Ancient Astronauts Soundcloud account with you. in the future we will upload our new dj mixes here or share FREE download tunes with you. so make sure you follow us there. we´re gonna have some beat-heavy goodies for ya 😉

this is our latest DJ Mix called “In These Times” that showcases are uptempo Funk and Breakbeat side. most of these tunes are from our label Switchstance Recordings. we hope you dig it!

2012 is also a year where we´re gonna focus on our live performance and touring. so hopefully see you soon in your area.

peace & love !!!

Kabanjak & Dogu

Global Etnies Artists


Brothers & Sisters,

sorry for the lack of communication from our side. The last months were really hectic for us. We had to finish remixes for See-I (Fort Knox Recordings) and Subatomic Sound System feat. Anthony B, moved our Switchstance office to Cologne, did some touring in Croatia and Greece plus our party events Family Affairs and Trix & Flix were happening in Cologne.

Summer is definitely over in Germany and we are heading towards the more grey and rainy time of the year. So what? Sunshine is always in our hearts and we´ve got some heat for you coming up soon. We recently released the “Best of Switchstance: A Decade of Dope Beats” – label compilation on Switchstance Recordings which highlights the best tunes from the past 10 years of Switchstance. Yes people, 10 years of Switchstance Recordings is what we are celebrating. We already had the release of our “Best of Ancient Astronauts” – album and last friday saw the release of the “Best of Protassov” – album. Those of you who know our label for a while now are aware of Protassov´s beat and groove skills. This brother was always a big influence for us and we are happy to celebrate 10 years of Switchstance with him.

And speaking of celebration, we are really proud to be part of the global Etnies family and were just announced as global Etnies artists:


so to celebrate 25 years of ETNIES and 10 years of Switchstance we put together a FREE compilation with music by Ancient Astronauts, Protassov, Deela, Kabanjak, Aeronautix, Raashan Ahmad and Azeem. If you feel this compilation then please feel free to share this with all your friends and loved ones. It is FREE for every positive soul on this planet:

So what´s next from us? In early 2012 we will a remix album on ESL Music with remixes by Subatomic Sound System, Maker, DJ Brace, J-Boogie, Deela, Second Sky & Thomas Blondet, Timewarp Inc and us. Definitely some dancefloor heat on this one to keep you cozy and warm during the cold days.

We also finished remixing tracks from Kabanjak´s “Tree Of Mystery” album and did some heavy Dub remixes of “Rhythm (feat. Azeem)” and “I Don´t Want To Work Today” which will be out on ESL Music in early 2012 as well.

This is it for now. We hope you all had a great summer and are prepared for the club season again. We will keep you updated on all things Ancient Astronauts and Switchstance Recordings.

Peace & Love,

Ancient Astronauts

Deela – We Dance To Forget EP


good day,

Kabanjak´s other solo moniker Deela on Switchstance Recordings has a dope new release coming up. We waited for this too long already and are very happy that the time has come. The “We Dance To Forget EP” will be out on the 29th of july and it features heavy trademark Deela riddims. You can expect forward stomping breakbeats full of live instruments. Uptempo tunes for the Funk  loving and groove-addicted dancers out there. Our old UK friend Diesler saupports the release with a killer remix which makes this EP pure dancefloor fire.

Order your copy here:




Shake what ya got!!!

Out now: Best Of 2001 – 2011


Greetings fellow astronauts,

it sounds crazy for us but it´s been 10 years already since we released our first release on Switchstance Recordings. Time past by very fast when you travel the cosmos of music life and here we are now. even more motivated and forward thinking than ever before. For us the first 10 years feel like the beginning that formed our skills and sounds. Now we are equipped with fine knowledge about music, production techniques and music biz and feel highly energetic and strong to continue our quest for timeless music and grooves.

We are sending out a big THANK YOU to everyone who helped and supported us over the last years. There is nothing more precious in life than your family and friends and artists without fans and supporters are worth nothing. Our music is dedicated to a conscious and oneminded crowd all over the world that supports the positive things in life and helps making this world a better place. We are all one family. Music is life!

Buy here:

Stay good, stay positive and have a wonderful summer!!!

Dogu & Kabanjak

Interview with Bunch.tv


Greetings fellow astronauts,

on the 15th of april, after returning from our latest US tour, we celebrated the release of our album “Into Bass And Time” at the beautiful Club Bahnhof Ehrenfeld in Cologne. Our release party was part of the monthly Global Player night by radio station Funkhaus Europa and we had the honor that our friend and fellow astronaut DJ Brace from Canada as well as Akua Naru  joined us that night. And it was a big blast!

The great people of Cologne based tv station Bunch.tv did an interview with us that night and filmed during the party. And we just received the finished interview and video to share it with. Please have a look. You will see they did a great job. Sorry that this is in German only. But still worth a view 😉

Peace & Love!

Ancient Astronauts

Tour Telegraph VI: Californication

News, Photos, Tour


Here comes the 6th and last telegraph from our Into Bass And Time US release tour. This time we travelled to sunny California and we really had a blast. Our whole tour was incredible so far with killer gigs all the way through, but it´s always a blessing to go to California. So we flew over to San Francisco to stay there for the next 8 days. Thievery Corporation´s Rob Garza just moved to SF with his family and just launched ESL Music´s west coast studio. The newest member of the ESL family is Pleasuremaker, our soul brother from the Afrolicious crew in SF who helps Rob Garza with the studio. Pleasuremaker together with his brother Oz and their crew of highly talented musicians hold it down strongly in SF for many years.

When we arrived in California we first had an interview with Grown Kids Radio in Oakland (Big Up the crew!) and then played with Afrolicious at the Boom Boom Room, a classic live venue that was owned by John Lee Hooker back in the days. Such a great club where you can nearly breathe music. Next up was the weekly Afrolicious night at the Elbow Room. And it was on fire! People if you ever go to San Francisco you should check out Afrolicious at the Elbow Room. The place is filled with groove and love. trust us!

So after 2 killer nights already it was time for a huge ESL Music night. We smoothly started the night at the Stanford C ourt Renaissance Hotel where we played an early happy hour set at the bar. Then we left for our ESL music night to the great Public Works club. And what a line-up we had: Rob Garza from Thievery Corporation, J-Boogie, Afrolicious and us. Of course all sets were backed by the superb percussionst and musicians from Afrolicious. And on top the Public Works club had some of the coolest and most creative visuals we ever saw in a club. It was strictly amazing.

We also send out our love to Sunset Promotions, Mojito Bar and Six Degrees Records crew. SF we will be back!

From San Francisco we went on to Los Angeles for the first time. It also was our first real meeting with the US team of ETNIES, our new sponsor and partner. We were picked up at the airport by Eladio Correa who is the Entertainment Marketing Manager (and a supernice person) who brought us to our hotel in Hollywood. Eladio also showed us Huntington Beach, Venice Beach and great sites in Orange County. We also had the honor to visit the ETNIES Headquarter, meet the people behind the brand and its sub-brands (Es, Emerica, ThirtyTwo) as well as check out and get some of the newest products. Much love and respect to ETNIES for taking us into their big family!  In july there will be the official brand announcement that Ancient Astronauts are the newest add to the worldwide ETNIES artist family. We will keep you updated.

Of course we were not only in LA to meet our new sponsor, but mainly to spread our music and vibe. Jeremy Sole from radio station KCRW invited us to play at the legendary Afrofunke night at Zanzibar that he runs with Cary Sullivan and Rocky Dawuni and we were very excited to play there. So to make this a really special gig we brought our friend Kiran Gandhi from Rhythm & Culture Recordings to add some extra percussion madness to our set. Those of you who saw us already playing with her know what we´re talking about. She just kills it on the percussions and adds perfectly to our music. Zanzibar itself is such a beautiful venue (loving those bass speakers built into the stage) and Jeremy Sole a dope dj and great person, so guess what? The night was off the hook. Much respect to the whole Afrofunke posse and thanks a lot for having us there sharing our beats and grooves!

peace, love & light!!!

Ancient Astronauts

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Tour Telegraph V: Newseum, Washington D.C.

News, Tour

Good day,

we´re back again with tour telegraph number 5 about our Into Bass And Time release tour in the USA. After a highly success SXSW Music Conference in Austin/Texas we stayed another week in Washington DC. As you might noticed Washington DC is our US home base (so to say). This is where ESL Music is based. We really love this city with its great live music scene and clubs like Eighteenth Street Lounge, Patty Boom Boom, U-Street Music Hall and more. The week was full with meetings with our label management but we also played another 2 great gigs. The first one was together with label mate Nickodemus at the Newseum. That place is incredible. it´s a huge 5 level museum for news, directly in the heart of DC. The night was presented by Brightestyoungthings.com, a great website from DC that is focused on art, media, music, food and more. This was such a great show with more than 3.200 visitors through the night. It´s always big fun playing with Nickodemus.

On sunday night we played at the beautiful Eighteenth Street Lounge again alongside Names Thompson and Kiran Ghandi on percussion. As always this was a night of smiling and dancing people shaking what they got on the dancefloor. Much love to the DC massive!

Take a look at two short videos to catch the vibe of the night:

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Have a good time,

Ancient Astronauts

Tour Telegraph IV: SXSW Festival review

News, Photos

Hey guys,

sorry for the long silence but after returning home from our recent US tour we´ve been busy with our European album release party in Cologne and a lot of new work in the studio. This is the second part of our USA tour telegraph. This time it is about our week at SXSW Music Conference in Austin/Texas:

We were very happy to return to Austin for SXSW and this year we had a much bigger appearance there than last year. This time we were the most gigs playing German act during SXSW, playing 11 gigs in 7 days. Plus interviews and photo sessions. We started monday night at The Mohawk at a superb event that combined the elements of SXSW Interactive and SXSW Music, meaning the most talented graphic artists doing live animations and art to cool club music sets. Honestly folks, there should be more events like that. Makes perfectly sense.

That was a great start of SXSW for us and we kept on going with great parties by Soul Of The Boot Entertainment, Wax Poetics Magazine, ESL Music,  Dubspot, Giant Step, Etnies, Sunset Promotions and our official SXSW gigs. We had the pleasure and honour to play with bands and dj´s like Empresarios, Bellerushe, Nappy Riddem, Ocote Soul Sounds, Chico Mann, Thavius Beck, Nickodemus, J-Boogie, Funk Ark, DJ Sun, DJ DRM, Afrolicious, Adrian Younge, DJ Yoda, Rob Luis, DJ Manny, etc. The list goes on and on. Great times all over.

SXSW in Austin is really worth the visit because it is the perfect happening that gets fans and music lovers

together with the artists and the music industry. The only negative thing in our eyes was the treatment at the official SXSW gigs. As an artist you didn´t feel threatened that good as you would expect from a festival that invited you to play. There was no artist lounge at events to get free drinks. All you got was 2 drink tickets per person and if you ran out you had to pay for your drinks. Also the manners and behavior  by some official SXSW people was not really friendly, more rude so to say.

So to sum it up we have to say that SXSW is big party with great people. Austin is beautiful down to earth city (surrounded by great nature) that get´s a great mixture of music fans, freaks, artists and industry people together once a year. Hopefully some of the photos from our time in Austin can reflect that vibe.

Our second album “Into Bass And Time” is released worldwide now. You can grab your copies in the stores below:

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Thanks for your support!


Dogu & Kabanjak aka Ancient Astronauts