2012 Update

hey fellas,

happy new year to everyone!!! we hope you had a great start into 2012.

it´s been a while since our last blog post. lots of things to take care of with the new office in cologne, Kabanjak moving into a new house and studio and Dogu having a knee operation shortly after our Switchstance Recordings Xmas party. but here we are back again.

2012 will be a positive year. we can feel it. there´s gonna be a lot of changes in the world. political regimes will change, internet will see a new law system as it looks like, governments won´t stop lying to their people, occupy wall street will continue their quest justice, and so much more. things have to change and we believe that there´s gonna be a lot of positive changes. so let´s all stay positive and passionate about what we do and happy about what we have. spread love!

in march we will release a remix album called “The Orion Nebula Remixes” on ESL Music with heavy remixes by Maker, Subatomic Sound System, Kabanjak, Deela, J-Boogie, DJ Brace, Second Sky & Thomas Blondet and more. we contacted some of our favorite producer friends in the world of music and the result is really dope. we will keep you updated on the exact release details.

and by the end of new year we will release our third Ancient Astronauts album. no further news on this yet but you can expect more future reggae, funk and hip hop from us. we are really looking forward to this and we have a good plan.

so before we leave you  we want to share our new Ancient Astronauts Soundcloud account with you. in the future we will upload our new dj mixes here or share FREE download tunes with you. so make sure you follow us there. we´re gonna have some beat-heavy goodies for ya 😉

this is our latest DJ Mix called “In These Times” that showcases are uptempo Funk and Breakbeat side. most of these tunes are from our label Switchstance Recordings. we hope you dig it!

2012 is also a year where we´re gonna focus on our live performance and touring. so hopefully see you soon in your area.

peace & love !!!

Kabanjak & Dogu