The Audience

friends & family,

if you haven´t heard the collaboration EP “Abra Kabra” by Brace & Kabanjak yet then you should really do it soon. they both gave a lot of their soul to this release by playing all instruments themselves and giving it their very unique optimistic vibe.

here is a video of Brace performing the song “The Audience” live during the Société des arts technologiques. this is pure turntable art:

Reggae takeover

yes people,

as you may know we are big fans of roots and rockers reggae as well as jungle and dancehall. mix them all up and even better. our friend Fleck and his buddy Blue Hill from Greece just released a supernice FREE EP called “Zippin´ Up My Roots EP”. if you dig the true Reggae music and love the skank, then this should be right up your alley. go and get it here for free:

One Love