Beastie Boys meet David Axelrod

Some years ago we released a couple of mashup vinyl 12inches on Foot Forward Music under the moniker The Beatstalkers. These dancefloor friendly tunes mixed solid Hip Hop with Funk and Reggae. The “Pyramid Funk & Dynamite Reggae” series Vol. 1 and 2 sold out within weeks and the third vinyl in that series was our “Modern Stalking EP” which included 3 heavy tunes.

Do the names Beastie Boys, David Axelrod or Large Pro (of legendary Hip Hop crew Main Source) ring a bell for you? But you still haven´t heard about that release? Well, here´s your chance. You can get the last available vinyl copies (including digital download) or just the digital download in the Switchstance Recordings Bandcamp store: