Vice World Champions

Hello sisters & brothers,

our good friend and collegue DJ Brace (the canadian nice guy that did all the scratches and cuts on our Into Bass And Time album) and his fellow dj partner in crime DJ Vekked just won 2nd place in the DMC and IDA World DJ Championships. Yes they are not vice president of just one country, no, they are vice world champions. BOOYAKA !!!

We are very proud of these guys and are actually a little sad they didn´t win this. Cause they deserved it. Here you can watch and hear their dj set at the IDA World DJ  Championships:

The Jeff is back!

Greetings people,

DJ Jazzy Jeff, yeah the dude from Prince Of Bell Air and DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, has never really been gone. But still it became more quite about him due to the fact that the hooray days of quality Hip Hop are over and the mass media just talks about the Bling Bling PR Hip Hop and not the good stuff. DJ Jazzy Jeff doesn´t care and helps with productions for young, talented artists. Here´s a new tune called “Fellow” by Dayne Jordan, produced by DJ Jazzy Jeff:

You can download it for FREE here: