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“Whether it’s downtempo grooves, hard hip-hop, banging dub, or skillful scratching, Ancient Astronauts keep your head nodding start to finish on their new joint.”Waxpoetics

“… not only a complete album, but an outstanding collision of beats & genres!” Pathaan / BBC

“Yes, this is a slice of great German hip hop.” BBC Online (UK)

“The album is a beautiful slice of hip hop ingredients, dub-tinged spices and jazz chili sauces, all blended into a heady stew of breakbeat wonderfulness.”

“Melding old school hip hop, funk and dub-reggae with forward thinking flair and production, the duo of Kabanjak and Dogu come from Cologne with a fresh take on quality, contemporary hip hop with soul.”

DJ Mixes

13 thoughts on “Music

    1. hey matt,
      dj mixes are not for download because we do not own the rights to most of the songs we play. we just support the artists by playing their music. you can stream our dj mixes anytime you want on our Soundcloud page.

  1. a few years ago you guys did a mix for esl music, it was a guest mix for thievery corp i think, well its been my favourite for a few years, until i lost it when i moved home, can anyone please help, and get me a copy, thanks,

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