ZIK ZAK East Africa Tour 2019

We are proud to announce that we are in the final stages of our ZIK ZAK album that focusses on fresh upcoming talent from all over Africa. The album will be out in double vinyl and digital in early 2020 and will feature singers, rappers and musicians from 10 different African countries.

This sunday will start our ZIK ZAK East Africa Tour 2019 in Nairobi. Dogu will be joined on this tour by Shoeshine Buoy from Kenya and the two Ugandan singers and MC´s Brazen Rule and Spyda MC. They kick off the tour at J´s Restaurant and Bar in Nairobi / Kenya and from there they will directly head over to Tanzania and right up to Zanzibar to perform at the Zanzibar Reggae Festival and 2 other venues. From there they will return to Kenya again to perform in Kilifi and Mombasa. After those performances they will move back to Tanzania again to perform first at the Firefly and then at the Ongala Music Festival in Bagamoyo. After those shows the ZIK ZAK crew will return all the way to Uganda where the final stop of the tour will happen at the Lazy Pony in Kampala. At this final event Shoeshine Buoy and Brazen Rule will not be part of the crew but instead we have a full line up with MC Yallah, C Wyne Nalukalala, Blessed San and Spyda MC. All these Ugandans will of course be on the ZIK ZAK album so this will be a Ugandan night of pure FIYA.

From time to time we will post photos and short videos from the tour on Instagram and on Facebook .

Here is a link with more infos and all tour stops:

Ancient Astronauts present ZIK ZAK – East Africa Tour 2019

And here is the ZIK ZAK Tour artwork:

ZIKZAK FB-Event-2019