Out now: Best Of 2001 – 2011

Greetings fellow astronauts,

it sounds crazy for us but it´s been 10 years already since we released our first release on Switchstance Recordings. Time past by very fast when you travel the cosmos of music life and here we are now. even more motivated and forward thinking than ever before. For us the first 10 years feel like the beginning that formed our skills and sounds. Now we are equipped with fine knowledge about music, production techniques and music biz and feel highly energetic and strong to continue our quest for timeless music and grooves.

We are sending out a big THANK YOU to everyone who helped and supported us over the last years. There is nothing more precious in life than your family and friends and artists without fans and supporters are worth nothing. Our music is dedicated to a conscious and oneminded crowd all over the world that supports the positive things in life and helps making this world a better place. We are all one family. Music is life!

Buy here:

Stay good, stay positive and have a wonderful summer!!!

Dogu & Kabanjak


  1. I’ve been following you guys since Test Drive Unlimited 2 came out and to hear this wonderful mix is music to my ears (literally). I haven’t been able to buy your music yet, though I plan on doing it soon. Until then, I’m using the ESL Music site playlists of your albums while I do my homework 😀

    And in case you’re wondering, my favorite song of yours is “Until the Stars Go Out.” Very unique.

    • hey matthew,
      hopefully our music helps doing your homework more easily. good vibes for better homework haha 🙂
      Until The Stars Go Out is also one of my favorite songs from our works yet.
      best wishes from the astros!!!

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