ZIK ZAK East Africa Tour 2019

We are proud to announce that we are in the final stages of our ZIK ZAK album that focusses on fresh upcoming talent from all over Africa. The album will be out in double vinyl and digital in early 2020 and will feature singers, rappers and musicians from 10 different African countries.

This sunday will start our ZIK ZAK East Africa Tour 2019 in Nairobi. Dogu will be joined on this tour by Shoeshine Buoy from Kenya and the two Ugandan singers and MC´s Brazen Rule and Spyda MC. They kick off the tour at J´s Restaurant and Bar in Nairobi / Kenya and from there they will directly head over to Tanzania and right up to Zanzibar to perform at the Zanzibar Reggae Festival and 2 other venues. From there they will return to Kenya again to perform in Kilifi and Mombasa. After those performances they will move back to Tanzania again to perform first at the Firefly and then at the Ongala Music Festival in Bagamoyo. After those shows the ZIK ZAK crew will return all the way to Uganda where the final stop of the tour will happen at the Lazy Pony in Kampala. At this final event Shoeshine Buoy and Brazen Rule will not be part of the crew but instead we have a full line up with MC Yallah, C Wyne Nalukalala, Blessed San and Spyda MC. All these Ugandans will of course be on the ZIK ZAK album so this will be a Ugandan night of pure FIYA.

From time to time we will post photos and short videos from the tour on Instagram and on Facebook .

Here is a link with more infos and all tour stops:

Ancient Astronauts present ZIK ZAK – East Africa Tour 2019

And here is the ZIK ZAK Tour artwork:

ZIKZAK FB-Event-2019


Afrobeat & Afro Funk

Good day,

as most of our followers know we love a lot of old music, especially music from the black continent Africa. Africa is where the rhythm comes from, that´s a fact. Music from the black continent mostly has such an infectious groove that you cannot resist but have to move your feet and start dancing. Or at least that is what it does to us 🙂

Here is the full live audio recording from the latest Switchstance Radio show no. 2 with a focus on Afrobeat & Afro Funk, presented by Tom Strauch aka Dogu of Ancient Astronauts and founder and owner of Switchstance Recordings.

As a special guest in the show MUITO KABALLA, the latest signing to the Switchstance Recordings artist family, came over to give an exclusive live concert where he presented a couple of songs from his debut album “Everything Is Broke” and a couple of unreleased tunes.

Switchstance Radio show no. 2


here is the complete 2 hour video & audio stream of the second episode of Switchstance Radio, recorded at 674FM radio in Cologne / Germany and hosted by Tom Strauch aka Dogu of Ancient Astronauts.

The focus of the show was on Afrobeat and Afro Funk and it also features a special live performance by new Switchstance Recordings artist Muito Kaballa.

The music in the video starts at around 2 minutes and the Muito Kaballa concert around 30 minutes later:

Music from Africa


we hope you all had a good start into 2019.

Dogu has spent a couple of months in East Africa by the end of 2018 to do some research and recording sessions for our upcoming ZIK ZAK album. The album will be out in August 2019 and strictly features collaborations with african singers, rappers and musicians. Yes, the focus for this album is on Africa. That continent always has been a huge influence for our music and it holds so much undiscovered talents that it was just about time to dedicate a whole album to the black continent. More news about that album soon!

Dogu, who is Switchstance Recordings founder Tom Strauch, does a bi-monthly live Afrobeat and Reggae night in Cologne / Germany called Family Affairs Cologne and the next episode is this coming saturday, the 9th of February. Here is a little video teaser for the night which features some photos and impressions of the beauty of Mama Africa. The music in the video is by Afrobeat legend Fela Kuti:

RHYTHM IS LIFE & East Africa Tour

We love Mama Africa! The black continent is where rhythms and grooves come from. That´s a fact. From a workshop series about music business, artist self management and music recording  in northern Uganda Dogu came back with a bunch of killer vocals by some unknown local talents. Kabanjak added some music and here now we present you a FREE DOWNLOAD of the RHYTHM IS LIFE compilation.

It is a Name Your  Price campaign so you either type in zero as your Price and download it for free or you donate something  to the Nyinomugisha Niyabo Foundation that make all this possible. All money is invested into future projects and studio productions of this young local talents.

Next week Dogu will fly to Uganda again to start rehearsals for the ZIK ZAK East Africa Tour 2018 which be going through Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. ZIK ZAK is our new upcoming album project that lays focus on fresh african talents. here is a list of all tour stops:

ZIK ZAK Tour_final

Pre-Sale for SUFFOC-HATE

After having our song “SUFFOC-HATE” with Asphate of Maxilla Blue out via Bandcamp and the sad story about police brutality, mostly against people of colour, in the US not having stopped, we decided the give the song an official release. This is dedicated to all people who have passed away and got maltreated through the hands of those who are there “to serve and protect”:


Our brand new album BROKEN PUPPETS, which is our first full length album with the poet Azeem, is out now through Switchstance Recordings. The album features Hip Hop legends Divine Styler and HPRIZM (Antipop Consortium), 2016 DMC World Champion DJ Brace on cuts as well as Mustafa Akbar (Nappy Riddem) and Ugandan singer Blessed San on Reggae vocal duties.

BROKEN PUPPETS is out on Vinyl LP (with black inner sleeves, including digital download card) and digital download and stream: