Live in Nairobi

DOGU was travelling in East Africa in March together with Ugandan singers C Wyne Nalukalala and Ras Tizzo Kalalankoma for their SHINE YOUR LIGHT short tour in Kenya. Here is a short clip from their gig at Jamdown Shafflas TV in Nairobi where they bring the FIRE:

Switchstance Reggae Radio – May 2022

DOGU is back with the may 2022 edition of Switchstance Radio. It features new music by Nilotika Cultural Ensemble, Dubmatix, I-Cient-Cy Mau & The Mau Mau Warriors, Linval Thompson, Mutabaruka, Autarchii, Cpt. Yossarian vs. Kapelle So & So, Hummingbird, Ras Tizzo Kalalankoma & DJ Moocha, Maxi Priest & Macka B and many more:

Nyabingi Resurrection – The Movie

Today was the world premiere of a movie documentation on REGGAEVILLE about Nilotika Cultural Ensemble from Uganda. The debut album “Nyabingi Resurrection” was mixed by Kabanjak and the music of the band follows the ancient tradition of the Nyabingi movement in East Africa. The movie documentation gives background information to the music of Nilotika Cultural Ensemble and the culture behind it.

This is a piece of important history about East African resistance to colonialism and the influence of the Nyabingi movement on the Rastafari movement on Jamaica.

To watch the movie click the photo of the Nilotika band above or click the button below:

New Reggae playlist on Spotify


we are big fans of original Roots Reggae, Rockers Reggae and Dub. Guess you knew that already 🙂

Anyway, here is a brand new Reggae playlist we put together on Spotify. Have a listen and give it a like in case you feel the music.

Reggae heals the world!


Here is the full 2 hour live recording of SWITCHSTANCE RADIO featuring new tunes by Aesop Rock & The Real Blockhead, Milton Gulli, Protassov, K.O.G & The Zongo Brigade, Laurent Bardainne & Tigre d’Eau Douce, Kutiman & Mejja, Kava Jah & Drecko Helpa Chikicha, El Michels Affair & Bobby Oroza, Dj Shiru, Jamal Waswa & Djking Shango, Silas Short, DJ VĐ°dim & Jaydene & Keya Nemesis, Juanita Euka, Bagunço, Little Simz, Koma Saxo and more.

Here comes BAD MUJE

2017 was the year when DOGU met singer and producer Brazen Rule for the first time when he was part of the Rhythm Is Life 2017 tour in northern Uganda. As a result of that meeting Brazen recorded the lyrics of “Bad Muje” for the final free download compilation of the Rhythm Is Life 2017 tour. This version of “Bad Muje” was recorded to a beat by Ancient Astronauts and Poldoore and it was only available through Bandcamp.

As Switchstance Recordings is celebrating it´s 20th anniversary this year we decided to re-do “Bad Muje” and give it a new twist, a new riddim. And we did. And we love it a lot. This new version got an official release now and we hope you guys enjoy as much as we do. The first version from the Rhythm Is Life 2017 compilation became a big hit in northern Uganda and since then people call Brazen Rule the “Bad Muje” where ever he goes. Let´s see how they will react to this new version.

To listen to the song please click the cover above or the button below:

20 years of dope beats & grooves

20 years ago DOGU aka Thomas Katongole-Strauch started Switchstance Recordings in our home town Moers / Germany. Since then the label has released all our music by Ancient Astronauts and lots of music by fellow artists Kabanjak, DJ Brace, Protassov, Deela, Muito Kaballa, Astroboter, Enrique Nicolas Noviello, Fat Albert Einstein, Void Pedal and more.

The new label compilation “DOPE BEATS for DOPE PEEPS” highlights the dopest releases of the Switchstance artist roster from the past 20 years. And it features great artists such as Akua Naru, Martin Perna (Antibalas / Ocote Soul Sounds), Hugo Kant, Raashan Ahmad and more.

Streaming & Download:


DOPE BEATS for DOPE PEEPS by Various Artists

New Remix for “Pump Up The Sound”


we hope all of you are doing fine. We would like to announce the release of a remix of our song “Pump Up The Sound” featuring Ugandan songstress Bani Fyah. Greek Reggae producer Professor Skank laid his hands on our song to give it some deep, sound system tested remix treatment for the dancehall. This is heavy soundbow biznizz for all the Reggae dancefloors worldwide.

Click the cover artwork below to check out the remix:

3rd single by Nilotika Cultural Ensemble

Our label Switchstance Recordings and its partner label East African Records just released the 3rd single by Ugandan Nyabingi band Nilotika Cultural Ensemble called “Oli Kibun´omu”.

It is a sweet poem in the Luganda language of the Baganda people in Uganda. The song is performed by the honey-toned Nsonga who sings to a hypnotic bass adungu rhythm, with the sweet harmonies of the Nilotika vocal choir and the massive percussion rhythm of the whole band.

To stream the song please click the cover above or the link below:

Oli Kibun´omu

Here some selected international feedback for the single:

“Precioso.” Cassette Blog (MX)


“Beautiful” Miss Prebo Show (Radio Krimi / FR)

“Just simply stunning X.” Ketch A Vibe Radioshow (UK)

“!!!!” Jeremy Sole (KCRW Radio / US)

“Its that Adungu providing the rhythm, the soft lead vocals and the nyabingi rhythms that hit the spot. Add the vocal choir and the trumpet and its a grand affair for a lazy day. Sweet.” Afrobase Radio (Radio Reverb / Totally Radio / UK)

“This series of Nilotika Cultural Ensemble releases is WONDERFUL. I have been playing these on my KEXP radio shows, and will soon play some of them in the clubs as venues open up again in my city.” Kid Hops (KEXP Radio / US)

“A refined Reggae, a lot of sobriety, very pleasant.” Reggae Radio Show ( / FR)

“Wow. This is stunning. Thank you Switchstance for bringing this to the worlds attention.” Russ Jones (Hackney Globe Trotter / SOAS Radio / UK)