ZIK ZAK Pre-Order

The Pre-Order for our new album is up on Bandcamp now. If you pre-order the album (official release on January 22nd) then you will directly receive a download of 5 album songs and will get an automated email when the album is released on the 22nd:

The new year of ZIK ZAK

We are proud and happy that after 3 years of hard work our new album ZIK ZAK will be out through Switchstance Recordings on January 22nd, 2021. The album showcases the outstanding talent of uprising singers, rappers and musicians from 9 different African countries.

See the whole crew below:

We wish all of you a great start into the new year 2021 !!!


Kabanjak & Dogu

AA Farewell 2020 Merch Sellout

Wow, 2020 was heavy year, don´t you think? Corona, a rise of right-wing powers worldwide and then nearly another 4 years of Trumpism in the US. Sorry 2020, but we have enough of you. Let us all pray that 2021 will bring back positivity in all sorts.

To celebrate the coming new year 2021 we have reduced the prices of all Ancient Astronauts merchandise in the Switchstance Recordings online store. The AA logo hoodies are sold for only 25,- € now (former price was 35,-) and the female logo T-shirts go for only 10,- € now (20,- before). Sorry guys no more AA logo shirts for you!

We also reduced the price of the BROKEN PUPPETS T-shirts (male & female) to just 10,- €.

This special offer will be live until the end of this year!

Click the link below to order:

AA Farewell 2020 Merch Sellout

Photoshop Reality feat. BANTU

Our new single “Photoshop Reality” featuring BANTU from Lagos / Nigeria is out today!

Ade Bantu, the band´s leader, delivers some razor sharp socio-critical raps adressing the fake perfection a lot of people present on their social media profiles.

To check it out click the cover art below:


Earth people,

our brand new single “Tebamanyi” featuring Ugandan singer MoRoots is OUT TODAY !!

We are so happy to be able to work with such a talented singer on our new single. This is also one of the songs from our upcoming ZIK ZAK album. What it is? It is a sort of heavy Afro Neo Soul. That´s how we would describe it. You will feel the Hip Hop and the Jazz in it as well.

Have a listen:

Click here for Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Tidal, Deezer, Bandcamp and more streaming and download platforms:



We are super happy to tell you that the KAMPALA FIRE ep is out now. Three years in the making and two East Africa tours later we pay homage to the vibrant music scene in Kampala, Uganda.

The KAMPALA FIRE ep, a teaser for our forthcoming album ZIK ZAK, showcases young and raw vocal talents from all over Kampala, combined with our beats, grooves and riddims. Together with this cast of uprising Ugandan artists we are proud to present a collection of Roots Reggae, Dancehall and Hip Hop from one of the most energetic and original music scenes in Africa.

Video for “Ghetto Youth Never Give Up feat. C Wyne Nalukalala”:

You can stream or download the full KAMPALA FIRE ep here:


Art Melody / Burkina Faso

Today we have released the very first single from our forthcoming album ZIK ZAK. The song “Ziinga Zanram” features the rapper Art Melody from Burkina and it is about building up self-consciousness for becoming an entrepreneur and a positive role model.

We hope you enjoy this single. Our next digital release from ZIK ZAK is the KAMPALA FIRE ep which pays homage to the vibrant and unique music and party scene in Kampala. It will be out on the 16th of October.

Click the link below for Spotify, Apple Music / iTunes, Bandcamp, Deezer, Amazon Music and Tidal:

Ziinga Zanram


ZIK ZAK is coming!

It´s been more than 3 years that we are working on our upcoming ZIK ZAK album. A whole album that is dedicated to young and fresh talent from all over Africa.

Africa is the birth place of civilisation and rhythm and the music from the black continent has always had a huge impact on us and our music. It was more than time to put the spotlight on the black continent. Hip Hop and Reggae are the 2 music styles in Africa that have the most impact on the streets and there is so much unknown talent out there. Conscious Hip Hop and Rasta Reggae is what we love, and exactly that´s what we will present on the ZIK ZAK album.

The first single will be released on the 2nd of October. It is called “Ziinga Zanram” and it features the rapper Art Melody from Burkina Faso. The song is all about self-consciousness and the goals that you want to achieve in life. Watch out fi dis!