3rd single by Nilotika Cultural Ensemble

Our label Switchstance Recordings and its partner label East African Records just released the 3rd single by Ugandan Nyabingi band Nilotika Cultural Ensemble called “Oli Kibun´omu”.

It is a sweet poem in the Luganda language of the Baganda people in Uganda. The song is performed by the honey-toned Nsonga who sings to a hypnotic bass adungu rhythm, with the sweet harmonies of the Nilotika vocal choir and the massive percussion rhythm of the whole band.

To stream the song please click the cover above or the link below:

Oli Kibun´omu

Here some selected international feedback for the single:

“Precioso.” Cassette Blog (MX)


“Beautiful” Miss Prebo Show (Radio Krimi / FR)

“Just simply stunning X.” Ketch A Vibe Radioshow (UK)

“!!!!” Jeremy Sole (KCRW Radio / US)

“Its that Adungu providing the rhythm, the soft lead vocals and the nyabingi rhythms that hit the spot. Add the vocal choir and the trumpet and its a grand affair for a lazy day. Sweet.” Afrobase Radio (Radio Reverb / Totally Radio / UK)

“This series of Nilotika Cultural Ensemble releases is WONDERFUL. I have been playing these on my KEXP radio shows, and will soon play some of them in the clubs as venues open up again in my city.” Kid Hops (KEXP Radio / US)

“A refined Reggae, a lot of sobriety, very pleasant.” Reggae Radio Show (LaGrossRadio.com / FR)

“Wow. This is stunning. Thank you Switchstance for bringing this to the worlds attention.” Russ Jones (Hackney Globe Trotter / SOAS Radio / UK)


Our label Switchstance Recordings is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. KINKY REGGAE is a new label compilation that showcases the best Reggae songs that were released on Switchstance Recordings within the past 20 years.

Click the cover art to stream or download the album:

International feedback for KINKY REGGAE:

“Nice collection!“ Neil Perch (Zion Train / UK)

“Excellent release — Will playlist on my web Radio (PBB)” Laurent Garnier (FR)

“Really cool selection! Marci!“ Irieites.de Reggae Blog (DE)

“Muy bueno!“ Cassette Blog (MX)

“Nice collection of contemporary Reggae and Dancehall.” Daz-I-Kue (Bugz In The Attic UK)

“Thank you I’ll be playing these.” DJ Sep (Dub Missions SF / US)

Congratulations ! Top selection.” Makossa (FM4 Radio / ORF / AT)

“Superbe sons !!!!” Jean-Marc Baehler (Republik Kalakuta Radio Show / Couleur 3 / CH)

“Cool tracks…” Rob Smith (Smith & Mighty / RSD / UK)

„A fine selection of dancehall vibrations!” Jay Scarlett (Sounds Supreme Radio / DE)

“Great compilation, and an awesome way to celebrate the milestone! Happy anniversary!!” The Pressure Drop Radio Show (CA)

“Awesome!” LA VUELTA AL MUNDO EN 80 MUSICAS Radioshow (ES)

“Solid material with love.“ Andreas Kinzl (Aromabar / AT)

“Greatest selection.” Double D (Funky Fresh Radio @ Radio X / DE)

“Hot selection!” Global Riddims Radio (BE)

“If it’s Switchstance you know it’s good.” Sista Selecta (The Roots & Reggae Show / 2bob Radio 104.7 / AU)

“Cool!” Input Output Radioshow (RadioJazz.fm / DE)

“Dub come save me!” Renegades Of Jazz (DE)

“High grade music right here – vibes!” Mr. Benn (UK)

“Thank you for making these available to us … I love the dub production and the clean yet dirty sound – beautifully made! So original and daring.” The Outerglobe Resonance (104.4fm & DAB London / UK)

“Nice day vibes will play on the radio show.” The Crate Show (AE)“Good Reggae vibrations!” Cocktail Chant Radio Show (IT)

Turn on the radio

Switchstance Radio, hosted by DOGU of Ancient Astronauts, is back with the August 2021 edition. The 2 hours show features brand new music by Adrian Younge, Sa-Roc, Action Bronson, Nilotika Cultural Ensemble, Evidence (of Dilated Peoples), Roots Natty and many more.

Please click the radio logo below to stream and listen to the show:

Ghetto People

We would like to introduce to you Nilotika Cultural Ensemble from Kampala / Uganda. The 14-piece band was also featured on our last album “ZIK ZAK” and now our label Switchstance Recordings and their Ugandan partner label East African Records will release their debut album “Nyabingi Resurrection by end of October.

Here is their video for the song “Ghetto People”.

To stream the single please click the cover below:

You can buy MP3, WAV, AIFF or FLAC files of “Ghetto People” here:


To stream their first single “Jajja Alimuffe” click the cover below:

You can buy MP3, WAV, AIFF or FLAC files of “Jajja Alimuffe” here:


Nyabingi roots from Uganda

Some of you may have noticed that DOGU, who runs our label Switchstance Recordings, has been frequently travelling to East Africa within the last years and built up a strong network of artists and producers we work with. Our ZIK ZAK album is one of the results from these trips.

In 2019 DOGU organised the album recordings for the debut album by ugandan band Nilotika Cultural Ensemble at the studio of partner label East African Records in Kampala. The whole album was then mixed by KABANJAK and will be released by the end of October 2021.

The first upfront digital single “Jajja Alimuffe” is a gem of raw and unpolished ancient Ugandan Roots music. The music by the band is influenced by the heavy drumming of the Nyabingi movement that originates from Uganda and Rwanda but it also incorporates Reggae and Hip Hop. This fusion of ancient and modern sounds gives a unique sound to the music by Nilotika Cultural Ensemble.

“Jajja Alimuffe” already gained great international support by Republik Kalakuta Radio Show on Colour 3 in Switzerland, Laurent Garnier in France, fRoots Magazine as well as AfroBase Radioshow on Radio Reverb / Totallyradio.com in the UK and on one of the best African Music radio shows and blogs, Afropop Worldwide from the US.

Here you can stream or download the single:


You can click on the band photo below to read the whole article on the Afropop Worldwide blog:

Back to Uganda

It is official now: After 15 months of closed clubs and bars we are happy to announce that DOGU will head over to Uganda in 3 weeks to play at the Ruua Ruua Festival in northern Uganda. This is the 3rd edition of the festival and it is limited to 350 visitors due to the Covid-19 situation. The festival is outside at the beautiful Aruu Falls campsite in the Pader Disctrict and it got all legal papers and government authorizations to do the event.

After this festival DOGU will travel to Lira (also in the north of Uganda) to meet with producer and singer Brazen Rule again to finish the album that they started together. Then by end of June he will go back to the capital city Kampala to meet with Spyda MC and his Cypher Kabaka crew to record vocals for the Ancient Astronauts meet Cypher Kabaka album “Tales From Buganda” this is planned for the end of 2021 / early 2022.

20th anniversary of Switchstance Recordings

Good day world,

this year we are celebrating the 20th anniversary of our label Switchstance Recordings. Who would have thought of us being still around after 20 years? Well, we are here and we are happy about it. And the label is and our music is getting stronger and stronger.

There are so many projects we are working on and we are super thrilled to finish them and present them to the world. DOGU, who runs Switchstance Recordings, will release the debut album by Nyabingi Rasta crew Nilotika Cultural Ensemble from Uganda which will be mixed by Kabanjak. And within that band there are 6 Hip Hop Mc´s that rhyme like there is no tomorrow. Their Hip Hop crew is called BA Cypher Kabaka. One of these MC´s you already know from our new album ZIK ZAK, his name is Spyda MC.

For the end of the year we have a new label compilation planned which will feature brand new music from our artists.

But to celebrate anniversary right now DOGU has put together a Spotify playlist that showcases the highlights of the past 20 years. Here it is:


Today is the release day of our single “We Are To Answer”. Some of you might wonder about the song name cause it is the same as our debut album from 2009 that came out on ESL Music.

This song was initially meant to be the title track of the album but then didn´t make it on the final tracklist. Then it got lost in the depth of Kabanjak´s Evergreen Studio and was rediscovered just a few years ago. Maybe some of you guys know if from Soundcloud cause it was a free download there for a couple of years.

Now we thought it is the right time to give it an official release. The artwork for it was done by brazilian artist OBERAS, who also created a cool video of him creating the artwork.

Click the link below if you want to stream or buy the song:


And here is the video: