20th anniversary of Switchstance Recordings

Good day world,

this year we are celebrating the 20th anniversary of our label Switchstance Recordings. Who would have thought of us being still around after 20 years? Well, we are here and we are happy about it. And the label is and our music is getting stronger and stronger.

There are so many projects we are working on and we are super thrilled to finish them and present them to the world. DOGU, who runs Switchstance Recordings, will release the debut album by Nyabingi Rasta crew Nilotika Cultural Ensemble from Uganda which will be mixed by Kabanjak. And within that band there are 6 Hip Hop Mc´s that rhyme like there is no tomorrow. Their Hip Hop crew is called BA Cypher Kabaka. One of these MC´s you already know from our new album ZIK ZAK, his name is Spyda MC.

For the end of the year we have a new label compilation planned which will feature brand new music from our artists.

But to celebrate anniversary right now DOGU has put together a Spotify playlist that showcases the highlights of the past 20 years. Here it is:


Today is the release day of our single “We Are To Answer”. Some of you might wonder about the song name cause it is the same as our debut album from 2009 that came out on ESL Music.

This song was initially meant to be the title track of the album but then didn´t make it on the final tracklist. Then it got lost in the depth of Kabanjak´s Evergreen Studio and was rediscovered just a few years ago. Maybe some of you guys know if from Soundcloud cause it was a free download there for a couple of years.

Now we thought it is the right time to give it an official release. The artwork for it was done by brazilian artist OBERAS, who also created a cool video of him creating the artwork.

Click the link below if you want to stream or buy the song:


And here is the video:

March Reggae Vibes

DOGU is back with the march edition of the Switchstance Reggae Radio show. Come check out the show with music by Bunny Wailer, Saah Karim & Mighty Redeemer, Dillinger, Mungo´s Hi-Fi, Richie Foe, Blackout Ja, Linval Thompson and much more:

Wake Up And Live

We are living in serious times since Covid-19 hit the world hard. And even one year after its arrival there is still no real end in sight. All bets are on the vaccinations now and the hope that normal life comes back when most of the earth´s population got it. But will this be enough?

People are frustrated, all talk is about home office or the re-opening of schools and stores. But the last sector of society to re-open is the cultural one. There are millions and millions of artists, musicians, actors, sound technicians, bar tenders, dj´s, vj´s, light technicians and so many more that are nearly receiving any help. Here in Germany, in one of the richest countries in the world, it feels like a big slap in your face to see multinational corporations receiving millions in help from taxpayer money while still paying out billions in dividents to their share holders. Where are those millions of help for the cultural sector? Politicians love bragging with culture and the creative sector but when it needs real help then their actions show that it is not of systemic importance to them.

This pandemic has a big psychological impact on people´s minds and souls that cannot be underestimated. It´s heavy shit. But we can overcome this dark state of mind by challenging it with positivity and spiritual upliftment.

DOGU of Ancient Astronauts is here to help. He uses music as a weapon to fight the depression. His new dj mix “Wake Up And Live” serves as a celebration of life in it´s purest form. Spring time is coming and summer will soon follow, so let´s celebrate their arrival and feed our brains and souls with positive and uplifting music. His mix is full of conscious messages, thick grooves and heavy beats and riddims. It is a hommage to Mama Africa, the Black Lives Matter movement and the cultural wealth of planet earth.

Let us all stand together as ONE and not let this pandemic divide us.

Wake Up And Live !!

Musical Upliftment

We are back with DOGU´s monthly SWITCHSTANCE REGGAE RADIO show and this time he presents a mix of new and classic tunes by Peter Tosh, Collie Buddz, Jstar, Kabanjak & Fat Albert Einstein, Alborosie and more:

Switchstance Radio – February 2021

DOGU is back with the bi-monthly Switchstance Radio show. The show consists of 2 hours of groovy and funked up music from artists such as Alostmen, The Twinkle Brothers, Aesop Rock, Ancient Astronauts, Common, Beatchild, The Invisible Session, Dr. Octagon, Olivier St. Louis, Essa, Children Of Zeus and more:

ZIK ZAK is out TODAY !!

Yes yes yes, we can finally announce that our album ZIK ZAK has been released today. We have worked on this album for more than 3 years and we managed to gather together 21 fresh and upcoming African talents from 9 different African countries. It´s been hard work but no work is too hard if you can work with such a cast of talents. For us this has been our most beautiful sound excursion in our 20 years long career and we are happy to be able to present some raw talent from Mama Africa to you.

To stream or download the album just click on the cover art below:

“Ghetto Youth” video with subtitles

We have put subtitles under the video of “Ghetto Youth Never Give Up feat. C Wyne Nalukalala” by Ancient Astronauts for all those not speaking Luganda. And that definately includes us 🙂

This song has such a strong message for all children living in ghettos worldwide. It´s about positivity and self-awareness. It is exactly as legendary lyricist Rakim once rhymed in the song “The Ghetto” (Eric B & Rakim):

“Cause it ain’t where you’re from, it’s where you’re at.”

One Love

ZIK ZAK Pre-Order

The Pre-Order for our new album is up on Bandcamp now. If you pre-order the album (official release on January 22nd) then you will directly receive a download of 5 album songs and will get an automated email when the album is released on the 22nd: