The Dooza returns


Kabanjak, main man behind the music of Ancient Astronauts, is releasing his first beat tape-ish album “The Dooza Tapes Vol. 1” on Switchstance Recordings this friday, November 25th. His alter ego of the Dooza was always a synonym for superdope beats and riddims with the Switchstance camp. This is first time showcasing the diverse directions of his producer talent.

Have a listen to a snippet mix of his new album here:

New Tshirts, Hoodies & Sweaters


Switchstance Recordings and Ancient Astronauts teamed up with in the UK to provide you with an epic line of space out apparel. We chose some slick Hoodies, Tshirts and Sweatshirts, male and female designs, to fit every kind of taste.

Why? Cause we celebrate 15 years of Switchstance Recordings and Ancient Astronauts 🙂

This campaign is time-limited, which means that these items are not produced upfront, but become reality as long as there is a minimum order of 5 products of the same campaign. It sounds simple and it is simple. This way we do not have high pressing costs upfront or the risk to not sell all merch and then make a minus. We even order our own shirts and hoodies with you guys for the same price.

Here are 2 examples for the beauty of these merch items. Simply click on the photo to go to the campaign site!





Back in 2011 we released the “WORLDWIDE” EP on ESL Music, the label of Thievery Corporation in Washington DC. This release, meant as the the single to our album “Into Bass And Time”, just got a fresh official re-release on Switchstance Recordings. Listen and purchase it in the Switchstance Recordings Bandcamp store or in any other digital download store or streaming platform WORLDWIDE:

Katzensprung Festival


The Katzensprung Festival outside of Cologne / Germany is a brand new festival (15th till 17th of July) that lays a strong focus on an eclectic music selection (Electronic Music, Dub & Reggae, Live Music, Freestyle) as well as nature and cultural sustainability.

Dogu will be there this weekend representing Ancient Astronauts, Switchstance Recordings and his monthly Afrobeat & Reggae night Family Affairs Cologne. Here is an exclusive dj mix that he recorded for the festival:


Katzensprung Festival


It´s summer time, at least on the calendar. June was so rainy in Germany that it felt more like autumn than summer. But we hope and pray that the sunshine is blessing Germany soon, because from the 15th till 17th of July there will be the very first episode of the Katzensprung Festival in Germany. The festival is about 1 hour away from Cologne and it will present a very nice mixture of electronic music, Dub, Freestyle sounds and live music. Dogu will be there representing the sound of Ancient Astronauts and his label Switchstance Recordings. In addition he´s gonna represent his monthly Afrobeat night Family Affairs Cologne, so he has his new houseband AGWAAN with him playing there first ever festival gig.

To honour the courage of trying a new festival that comes up with an eclectic mix of music Dogu recorded an exclusive DJ mix for the Katzensprung Festival:



Following the release of our album “Themes From Tomorrowland” comes the INSTRUMENTAL version of  this heavy banger. We noticed that our most listened songs were instrumentals and our fans and followers love it that way. And we love it too. So here is the full “Themes From Tomorrowland” album in pure instrumental form.

The album is a digital release and you can find it in every download store or streaming service worldwide!



Good day lovely people,

we know a lot of you guys liked our Reggae and Hip Hop mashups in the past, be it  those under our moniker The Beatstalkers or the ones we addd to our Soundcloud page. Those who really dig our music know that we just love older Rockers Reggae and Dub and the booming Hip Hop, known as Boom Bap Hip Hop from the 90´s.

So we came to the conclusion to share some of our secret weapons with you for FREE.

Introducing to you the BOOM DUB: