MIDEM 2011 & free Track “Worldwide”

Dear beat headz,

just returned from a successful Midem Music Conference in Cannes/France. We had beautiful sunshine but it was very cold in this famous town at the Cote d´Azur. Midem seems to attract less and less customers the past years but still it is a good source for meeting the some of the real headz in the international music business. Of course we are talking about international indie business here.

Big Ups to Thomas Colinet and his legendary Sun7 Café (we will miss this place, only cool spot in Cannes), Finetunes, Tru Thoughts, Lizzy Parks, Kid Hops, Ninja Tune, Freddie Cruger & Anthony Mills aka Wildcookie, Kudos Records, ADA Global, Initiative Musik, Rights Flow, Inertia, ST2 Records, Outpost Media, Ping Pong Promotion, Soul Seduction and all those I forgot. It´s all you guys that are doing good things and that made this trip to Cannes a very special one again. Keep on doing what you are doing. Conscious and intelligent indie business is what makes this world a better place.

To start, we would like to share a song with you. “Worldwide” from our upcoming album “Into Bass And Time“.


Peace, Love & Respect !!!

Dogu / Ancient Astronauts

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