The Orion Nebula Remixes


we know you´ve been waiting for some new Ancient Astronauts material since our album “Into Bass And Time” last year. As you might know Kabanjak has several solo projects and has been working a lot for new releases as Deela as well as his collaborations with Fat Albert Einstein or DJ Brace. And those of you that followed all our steps know that the last months saw releases of Reggae loaded Ancient Astronauts remixes for SEE-I, Subatomic Sound System & Anthony B as well as our DC homies Nappy Riddem. Recently finished remixes include one for our new ESL Music label mate Congo Sanchez, one for Kabanjak´s collabo EP with Fat Albert Einstein and one that is still a big surprise for you guys. We still cannot tell that secret yet but what we can tell you is that it´s one of the heaviest and heavy bass-loaded remixes we have done so far.

But we were talking about new stuff from Ancient Astronauts. On may 1st ESL Music will release our new album “The Orion Nebula Remixes” (ESL 197) which features a big load of remixes by cats like Maker, J-Boogie, DJ Brace, Subatomic Sound System, Kabanjak, Deela, Second Sky & Thomas Blondet and Timewarp Inc. Also featured on the album are Azeem, DJ Zeph, Monsoon and Entropik.

Here is the video for “Give It To You feat. Monsoon (Subatomic Sound System Remix)”:

The video is done by visual artist Uli Sigg from Cologne who also does the live visuals for our live sets. We hope you enjoy!

You can listen to a snippet mix of the new album “The Orion Nebula Remixes” here on this site in the “Music” section.

Much love from the Astros!

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