Neva Stop

good day fam,

Reggae music is in the air. not only because it is summer time but also because we built a Dancehall Reggae instrumental riddim for German magazine Sound & Recording. the asked us to do a producer tutorial for them and produce a “typical” Dancehall riddim. well, as you might guess, this was pure fun for us. you know we do this because we love this. because we think we have to put more quality and more consciousness out in this world. and now there come´s this magazine and asks us to do some Dancehall Reggae? hellyeahhh was our reaction to this request 🙂

and because we love to share more Reggae music with the world we give this special riddim out for FREE. we called it “Neva Stop Riddim” because we will never stop to release conscious music. so if you feel this please feel free to share this with your friends and loved ones.

one love

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