hey fellow astronauts,

jacob morales, a young fan of us who is also an ambitious musician, wrote a book about us. we were stoked when he approached us with this idea and we found some time to answer questions for this project. as we´re are busy guys it took a while to complete this but now he was able to finish it.

he offers this for free to the world. so go read it or download it from this link:


much respect & love to jacob morales for having the interest and investing the time and energy to work on this project. sorry if we were slow lazy cats sometimes when you were waiting for your answers 🙂

we hope you enjoy those deeper infos about us and our music.

one love



  1. Just read Jacob’s ebook – good work, Jacob!

    I wasn’t familiar with the Astro’s music until recently when I saw they were together with TC’s ESL Music. That meant Ancient Astronauts HAD to be good, right?

    So I do enjoy your music and hope to see in the Pacific Northwest (Portland, Seattle or Vancouver) one of these days.

    Cheers –

    • hey ryan,
      nice to hear you dig our music. we also think that being on TC´s label ESL Music and working with these guys must be a quality control. we were really stoked when we got signed to their label.
      would be great to come back to the US but nothing planned yet. not that easy to come to the US because of work visa and the long flights.

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