Fantastic Freeriding Is Back


those of you who follow our label Switchstance Recordings since 2001 will know that the first release was edition 1 of the Fantastic Freeriding label compilation. All our label´s artists were presented with a fine selection of tunes and the sound of our label and artists made great waves all across the world. The past years saw Switchstance concentrating on individual artist releases but we thought it is time for another full label statement. Fantastic Freeriding is back again with edition number 4, giving musical statements to what is happening out there in the whole wide world as well as in our own worlds. It is music in the present, in the NOW. Next to our classic Switchstance artists Protassov, Deela, Kabanjak and ourselves, we have a new label collegue from Chicago, named Void Pedal. As our friend and collaborateur Asphate from Chicago based Hip Hop crew Maxilla Blue perfectly described him, Void Pedal “is a beast” on the beats and harmonies. An incredible new talent on Switchstance Recordings. In addition to this we have a very special guest on the album. Martin Perna, founding member of ANTIBALAS afrobeat orchestra, blessed our Ancient Astronauts song “Tuff Gong” with his live flute and gave this song the melodic shape it needed. Tight and on point!

The sound of Switchstance Recordings, NOW:

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