No More War

Good day to all positive souls out there

we are living in troubled times. There haven´t been as many wars as in these days. Since World War II there haven´t been more wars on this planet. The only difference is that it´s not one country against another but internal conflicts with their root in religion, greed, race or whatever creates hate these days. War zones are everywhere. Maybe directly next to us but you can feel it. Ukraine is just one new location but because of the not too far distance to Europe it feels as if war is coming closer and closer. The people out in the streets don´t understand why cause they just want to live a safe and fair life. Most of us are born and raised in peace and we should never forget that feeling. Peace is one of the most precious things in life. That is why we have to raise our voices to keep it maintained and spread the awareness that war is never a solution. Peace is not a memory, it´s the biggest freedom one can get!


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