Katzensprung Festival

It´s summer time, at least on the calendar. June was so rainy in Germany that it felt more like autumn than summer. But we hope and pray that the sunshine is blessing Germany soon, because from the 15th till 17th of July there will be the very first episode of the Katzensprung Festival in Germany. The festival is about 1 hour away from Cologne and it will present a very nice mixture of electronic music, Dub, Freestyle sounds and live music. Dogu will be there representing the sound of Ancient Astronauts and his label Switchstance Recordings. In addition he´s gonna represent his monthly Afrobeat night Family Affairs Cologne, so he has his new houseband AGWAAN with him playing there first ever festival gig.

To honour the courage of trying a new festival that comes up with an eclectic mix of music Dogu recorded an exclusive DJ mix for the Katzensprung Festival:

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