In the last part of the Ästhetiker crew´s “UP North” road trip through Norway they end up in Riksgransen / Sweden to celebrate the 20th anniversary of a legendary snowboard event and a changing point in worldwide snowboarding.

20 years ago Ingemar Backman catapulted the snowboarding sport on a totally new level with his so far never seen huge backside air. That jump was a total game changer and graced the title covers of numerous snowboarding magazines worldwide. And to celebrate that legendary jump some of the world´s biggest snowboarding personalities came down such as Terje Haakonson, Nicolas Müller, Ingemar Backmann (of course), Drew Stevenson (most influential dude in the biz!), Steve Gruber and many more.

Pure Ästhetics!

Tell Ä Vision “Ästhetiker Go UP North” Part 3 from monEpic on Vimeo.

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