Afrobeat & Afro Funk

Good day,

as most of our followers know we love a lot of old music, especially music from the black continent Africa. Africa is where the rhythm comes from, that´s a fact. Music from the black continent mostly has such an infectious groove that you cannot resist but have to move your feet and start dancing. Or at least that is what it does to us 🙂

Here is the full live audio recording from the latest Switchstance Radio show no. 2 with a focus on Afrobeat & Afro Funk, presented by Tom Strauch aka Dogu of Ancient Astronauts and founder and owner of Switchstance Recordings.

As a special guest in the show MUITO KABALLA, the latest signing to the Switchstance Recordings artist family, came over to give an exclusive live concert where he presented a couple of songs from his debut album “Everything Is Broke” and a couple of unreleased tunes.

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