AA Farewell 2020 Merch Sellout

Wow, 2020 was heavy year, don´t you think? Corona, a rise of right-wing powers worldwide and then nearly another 4 years of Trumpism in the US. Sorry 2020, but we have enough of you. Let us all pray that 2021 will bring back positivity in all sorts.

To celebrate the coming new year 2021 we have reduced the prices of all Ancient Astronauts merchandise in the Switchstance Recordings online store. The AA logo hoodies are sold for only 25,- € now (former price was 35,-) and the female logo T-shirts go for only 10,- € now (20,- before). Sorry guys no more AA logo shirts for you!

We also reduced the price of the BROKEN PUPPETS T-shirts (male & female) to just 10,- €.

This special offer will be live until the end of this year!

Click the link below to order:

AA Farewell 2020 Merch Sellout

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