20th anniversary of Switchstance Recordings

Good day world,

this year we are celebrating the 20th anniversary of our label Switchstance Recordings. Who would have thought of us being still around after 20 years? Well, we are here and we are happy about it. And the label is and our music is getting stronger and stronger.

There are so many projects we are working on and we are super thrilled to finish them and present them to the world. DOGU, who runs Switchstance Recordings, will release the debut album by Nyabingi Rasta crew Nilotika Cultural Ensemble from Uganda which will be mixed by Kabanjak. And within that band there are 6 Hip Hop Mc´s that rhyme like there is no tomorrow. Their Hip Hop crew is called BA Cypher Kabaka. One of these MC´s you already know from our new album ZIK ZAK, his name is Spyda MC.

For the end of the year we have a new label compilation planned which will feature brand new music from our artists.

But to celebrate anniversary right now DOGU has put together a Spotify playlist that showcases the highlights of the past 20 years. Here it is:

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