Here comes BAD MUJE

2017 was the year when DOGU met singer and producer Brazen Rule for the first time when he was part of the Rhythm Is Life 2017 tour in northern Uganda. As a result of that meeting Brazen recorded the lyrics of “Bad Muje” for the final free download compilation of the Rhythm Is Life 2017 tour. This version of “Bad Muje” was recorded to a beat by Ancient Astronauts and Poldoore and it was only available through Bandcamp.

As Switchstance Recordings is celebrating it´s 20th anniversary this year we decided to re-do “Bad Muje” and give it a new twist, a new riddim. And we did. And we love it a lot. This new version got an official release now and we hope you guys enjoy as much as we do. The first version from the Rhythm Is Life 2017 compilation became a big hit in northern Uganda and since then people call Brazen Rule the “Bad Muje” where ever he goes. Let´s see how they will react to this new version.

To listen to the song please click the cover above or the button below:

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