Our fans are the greatest


honestly we cannot express enough how grateful we are for your continued support over more than 20 years. This year for the very first time our music had more than 10 million streams on Spotify alone. This is incredible !!!

But we have to admit that is has been hard over the years, especially when digital took over and vinyl and cd sales, dvd´s and any kind of physical compilations died out. Music streaming was at the beginning and cd sales and downloads were the thing to make money from, well but there was illegal downloading and cd burning like there was no tomorrow. So streaming really helped to get piracy down but we all know how badly the payouts are. Still we are standing strong with Ancient Astronauts and Switchstance Recordings and continue to release music that we feel, with messages that we believe in.

Much love and thanks a million for your continued support over all these years. We wish all of you beautiful Xmas days with your friends and loved ones and a smooth start into a positive 2023 !!!

Dogu & Kabanjak

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