Tour Telegraph II: SXSW Festival & A Cherry On Top


SXSW Festival in Austin was a blast. We played 11 gigs in 7 days which made us the most playing German artists at SXSW. The vibes and crowds were incredible and we wanna thank all the artists, labels and sponsors we showcased with such as ETNIES, Dubspot, J-Boogie, Funk Ark, Ocote Soul Sounds, Empresarios, Nappy Riddem, Nickodemus, Bellerushe, Afrolicious, Rob Luis & Tru Thoughts Massive, DJ Yoda, Thavius Beck, DJ Shiftee, DJ Obah, Bary Cole, C3 Management, DJ Manny, Chicken George, DJ Sun, DRM (Bastard Jazz), Adrian Quesada & The Echocentrics, Adrian Young, Shawn Lee, Dennis Coffey, DJ Chorizo Funk and Erik The Red (Giant Step). What a pleasure to be able to play with such a variety of great talent who support true music. We Love you guys!

Definately one of our greatest memories come from the Silent Disco event by our friend Motion Potion and his Sunset Promotions crew during full moon in an enchanted forest in Austin. This event was amazing. We were really stoked how easily you can get into the “sound zone” of your headphones and dance through the wood all night. Imagine 400 people dancing with headphones on and being able to switch channels between 2 different dj sets.

This year´s SXSW was even stronger than last year and we can´t wait till 2012 to move forward. Right now we arrived safely in DC again where we will play 2 gigs this weekend (Newseum & Eighteenth Street Lounge) before we head over to the West Coast.

And to lay a cherry on top, please find our first official music video for our song “Worldwide“. Yesss!



Much love & good vibes from the Ancient Astros!!!


  1. How much time would it take to learn to draw that well with a… gadget meant to make it so you conant draw? Wow, is all I can say. I think my World of Warcraft play has somehow been vindicated.Still, to each their own. And, for my part, happily. Maybe a bit jealously, but I bet I can kick his horde butt. :p

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