Band Of Broken Puppets

Together with The Poet Azeem we started a new group called Band Of Broken Puppets. Our debut album will be out in 2016. Here are the first demo mixes for you to listen:


  1. I’m really looking forward to this album…. the Poet Azeem is great and you two guys have put out some high quality music that I’ve enjoyed.

    Now please – please come to Portland Oregon when y’all visit the US (next year??).

    • oh that is nice to hear patrick. glad you feel our music and the collaborations with Azeem. never been to portland yet so hopefully we make it there one day. peace & love

  2. Been checking every week to see if this new art has dropped yet. Can’t to hear the full songs- I’ve listened to the demos like 30 times they sound unreal!! Keep doing what y’all are doing. Hope to see you in Austin Texas sometime soon.

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