Band Of Broken Puppets


Together with The Poet Azeem we started a new group called Band Of Broken Puppets. Our debut album will be out in 2016. Here are the first demo mixes for you to listen:

5 thoughts on “Band Of Broken Puppets

  1. I’m really looking forward to this album…. the Poet Azeem is great and you two guys have put out some high quality music that I’ve enjoyed.

    Now please – please come to Portland Oregon when y’all visit the US (next year??).

  2. Been checking every week to see if this new art has dropped yet. Can’t to hear the full songs- I’ve listened to the demos like 30 times they sound unreal!! Keep doing what y’all are doing. Hope to see you in Austin Texas sometime soon.

    1. hey ryan, that´s great to hear man. In september we will release the compilation “Slick City Shit! – 15 Years Switchstance” on Switchstance Recordings and there will be the first songs by Broken Puppets on it. The full album will drop in the first half of 2017 on Switchstance Recordings. Good to know there´s people out there like you who are really listening 🙂

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