We are living in serious times. This is a song we had to do. It just happened cause more and more darkness is coming over this world. Asphate of Maxilla Blue (Galapagos4 Records) on vocals telling some truth that is not heard enough these days.

Unite. Educate. Raise your voice. Act now.


  1. Great video and timely of course.

    In Germany are the people routinely beat down by cops as they are in america? How about in the rest of Europe? Are police hated there for their abuses? Do police in Europe routinely take illegal substances, such as steroids (an epidemic among police in the states)?

    Here in the Pacific NW there’s some hope that police will gravitate towards using ganja and that they will begin to chill out a bit. Pretty fucked up when one of the only hopes the populace has is that police will use weed to become more calm and reflective while on the job.

    Can’t wait for the new album.

    Remember: When you come to the West Coast, be sure to stop in Portland!!!

    • sorry for the late reply on this. haven´t seen this comment before. no, in germany the police does not routinely beat down people and they are not that hated. actually most of the people trust in the police when they need help. that´s how we were raised, with trust in help and security by the police. of course not all of them are cool, but mostly we have trust in them. can´t tell about whole europe though. heard about very brutal police in italy and spain but never happened to experience that.
      if it´s weed, which is a natural plant of this planet, that calms down the police then great. better then that chemical stuff that pushes them like cocain. no wonder that they get so agressive.
      much respect & love to portland !!!

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